Why CAC?

  • Forty years of premium financing expertise
  • Personalized service – we always have someone available who can answer any questions and provide quotes at our toll free number. Provide customized tailored payment plans.
  • Competitive rates – our rate scale is on par with, or better than, rates offered by other finance companies in the industry.
  • Adds value to your commercial client relationships
  • No financial statement required from your commercial clients and able to consolidate multiple policies’ premium payments.
  • Convenient – Fax or email us a quote request and a finance agreement will be faxed back to your agency completely filled out and ready for signatures.
  • Flexible Cancellation Procedure – We know that the more cancellations we have to make, the more commissions you lose. Therefore, we offer a flexible cancellation procedure that gives your customers every opportunity to pay. We will never cancel a policy without calling or emailing you first. We always keep the agent and the insured informed about the status of the account and our delinquency rate is kept to a minimum.
  • Positive Cash Flow – accelerates agency’s cash flow by allowing retention of commissions up front.
Call us toll free: 888.422.7755
Email: info@cacacceptancecorp.com
Fax: 800.486.1049

P. O. Box 66708
Houston, TX 77266-6708